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Agency Leadership

VentureCraft is led by startup veteran, Shaun Sanders. Shaun is an award winning innovator, Adjunct Professor of Business Law at USC Gould, and serves as the Senior Associate Director of the highest-performing SBDC-funded startup accelerator in the country. He has held senior roles in design, cybersecurity, marketing, legal counsel, and operations with companies at all stages of growth.

His infographics and marketing campaigns have reached more than 600 million people around the world. Out of all the hats he has worn throughout his career, he is most passionate and recognized for his unique ability to translate extremely technical concepts into captivating, visual stories that inspire their audiences to share them with others.

Shaun Sanders, J.D.

Managing Partner

The Syndicate

VentureCraft is a proud member of the Commercialization Syndicate, which leverages its network of professionals to ensure client success.

Earle Hager
Managing Partner of The Neutrino Donut, a consultancy focused on the management and commercialization of science. Thought leader with an understanding of commercialization processes from early-stage technologies through the development of business models and execution.
Tim Raines
CEO and founder of Rare Innovation, a consulting firm for new ventures that focuses on market approach strategies, product development strategies, and IP assessment.
Ben Bickerstaff
Serial entrepreneur and founder of Bennovative Strategies, a consultancy that helps technology startups forge their own path to market.
Dr. Emilie Clemmens
Principal and founder of Artemis Editing, a grant review specialist, educator, and former lab scientist scientist and engineer with deep experience in grant applications for federal R&D funding.

What Defines Us

Helping your ideas stand out requires an innovative mindset. We are experts at showcasing ideas in new and novel ways.
At our core, we are educators. We love nothing more than helping people learn by making information more accessible and inclusive.
Few organizations have the breadth of experience as ours to tackle any project in any industry, no matter how technical.
We seamlessly engage with all decision makers within an organization to distill their voice into a single, cohesive story.

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