Get Funded.

Great stories are contagious. When properly crafted, presentations are powerful, persuasive tools that inspire their audience to adopt new ideas and advocate them to others. For an idea to become unstoppable, it must first be articulable. Highly technical professionals—like engineers, scientists, and developers—obscure their stories with tribal language known only to their peers.

At VentureCraft, we specialize in business storytelling. Our industry-leading process unpacks the most technical, abstract concepts and translates them into engaging stories that resonate with audiences and compels them to act.

Who We Help:

Raising Seed, Series A, or Series B capital.
Securing Phase I through phase III SBIR/STTR non-dilutive funding.
Rallying colleagues to their cause or ensuring everyone is telling the same brand story.
Investment groups, accelerators, and incubators looking to give their startups an edge for demo days.

VentureCraft Guarantee

By the end of our process, you and your team will be able to successfully explain to any audience—whether investors, shareholders, colleagues, or even your parents—what it is you actually do, why it matters, and why they should care.

What our Get Funded services include:

Full pitch deck development with beautiful infographics tied together with a cohesive, investable narrative.
One-on-One pitch coaching to help prepare for an upcoming meeting or event.
Direct introductions or outreach campaigns to investors.

Let's Create Your Winning Story

Get Commercialized.

Not yet ready to raise capital? We drive concepts and companies from 0 to 1.
Our Get Commercialized services include:

Marketing Strategies
Developing value propositions, customer archetypes, and scalable growth strategies.
Branding Strategies
Creating a brand, logo, or messaging that aligns your audience with your mission.
Funding Strategies
Identifying which funding sources to target, such as investors, funds, or non-dilutive grants.
Customer Discovery
Aggregating customers into marketing campaigns to gather data and identify potential partners.